My August Beauty Favorites

My August 2014 Beauty Favorites

Let’s skip the usual ohmygod - August went by so fast! - and get down to it: I frickin’ LOVE September! So bye August, bye bye!

Let’s move onto the dog days, my favorite days of summer. Pre-Fall has got to be my second favorite season, second of course to Fall itself. (And, yes – I do operate on the seasons of fashion, not the sun and the moon. It’s who I am, okay!) September itself is definitely my favorite month of the year because it’s filled with my favorite things: hot days and cool nights, sweaters with shorts, the return of football and of course…New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. (But we’ll get to that on Wednesday.)

Of course, while thrilled to see August go, I do need to take a moment and give snaps where credits do to the beauty tidbits that got me through the month. Which honestly, for me wasn’t that much of a great one. It weighed in at a solid ‘meh’.

But enough of the intro, let’s get down to it: My August Beauty Favorites!

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Magdalena Koziej : The Missterious FW14 Collection

Maddalena Koziej at WowCracy


A while back I became apart of Wowcracy, which is an excellent way to discover up-and-coming designers and celebrate their work. With New York Fashion Week burning on the horizons, I got overly excited at the prospect of new collections and popped over to see some of the latest. Immediately I stumbled upon this brilliant collection from Magdalena Koziej entitled The Missterious Collection.

You’ve heard of her, right? No? Well, me either! But the preview photo seemed very Disney Maleficent-esque and so I got to click, click…clicking away and was left with an overall sense of joy. I mean, who doesn’t just love a bit of drama?

This designer is based in Poland and last January made her debut at Berlin Fashion Week, which I’m sorry I missed because I basically stalked BFW last January.  And like the preview picture would suggest, the collection came packed with a sharp-edged punch…literally!

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2014 Primetime Emmy Awards : Worst Dressed

Worst Dressed of 2014 Primetime Emmys

Isn’t it sad when great clothes happen to AWESOME people? Particularly the comedians, who are just so good of making us laugh. At least there is relief in saying the Worst Dressed List of last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards is rather short.

It’s actually kind of boring that everyone has a stylist and at least looks decent at these things. But leave it to our fav gal-pals to be the real winners of the night by looking a bit out of whack. Here are my picks for 5 Worst Dressed of the Primetime Emmy Awards.

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2014 Primetime Emmy Awards : Best Dressed

2014 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Dressed

Let me start by saying, following up the MTV Video Music Awards  with the Primetime Emmy Awards is exhausting when you’re a fashion blogger. But it’s the Emmy’s, and even on little sleep – I was still energized and excited to watch. Television has changed SO MUCH in the last five years, and to see it celebrated is honestly bigger and better than ever.

(It was also a sad, disappointing evening of bidding farewell to Breaking Bad for the last time.)

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards : 10 Worst Dressed

2014 Video Music Awards 10 Worst DressedSometimes I like to pretend I’m 13 again and tune into the MTV Video Music Awards. It’s getting in touch with my roots. Back in the day, the VMA’s were PRIME TIME for us teens. From the 90s with favorites like GarbageBushNo Doubt and more…to the N’Sync/Britney SpearsBackstreet BoysEminem and more days. I bet, if you started asking me who won what in the 1998-2002ish range, I’d probably be able to run off a lot of correct answers.

Oh things have changed though! Today, the VMA’s seem like an odd mishmash of people. (Not to mention, does MTV even play music videos these days?) This year’s show had a glaring lack of musicians! Definitely, musicians were on the shortlist and to fill the empty seats, along came in the Hollywood tag-a-longs (aka Kardashians and young actresses with things to promote).

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards : 10 Best Dressed

2014 Video Music Awards, 10 Best Dressed

Happy Monday dreamers!

Did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night? Because I did – and oh is there stuff to talk about. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Dream in Lace is not a gossip site – so I can’t quite rag on about the Beyonce performance and how beautiful it was, but also how extremely awkward it was at the same time given all the family drama we’ve been reading about in her world. But what we can talk about is how GREAT Beyonce looked, and we shall – plus nine other names that also looked great. So, with no more fuss let’s just get into it.

Here is my Top 10 Best Dressed List at the 2014 Video Music Awards!!

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Review : Smashbox Cherry Smoke Photo Op Palette

Smashbox Cherry Smoke Palette Review

Last week I shared a rather extensive Beauty Haul with you guys. On a quest to find the new Smashbox Cherry Smoke Photo Op Palette for fall, I stumbled across quite a few things. But this palette is definitely the showstopper of my makeup collection at the moment! As much as I love summer, I’m always craving fall. I could live in fall year-round honestly, too bad that’s not even possible. #FirstWorldProblems

And after getting this beautiful palette it has been such a joy to work with every day! I am seriously excited about this guy and think any eyeshadow lover out there needs to consider adding this to their stash for fall!

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The Summer Lovin’ Tag

Summer Lovin Tag
Wow Nelly! How did it become August already? Summer has flown by (per usual) this year. Weather wise, this summer has been a bit of a let down. It’s been much colder than usual, with temperatures often in the sixties or low seventies, and really gray downer weekends. Which sucks! Working on weekdays means my pool time is cast off to the weekends, and it’s just been so cold and gloomy, who would want to go to the pool?

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Altuzarra for Target – Coming Soon!

Altuzarra for Target Fall 2014

Altuzarra is the latest in a long list of designers to release a Target approved collection – and this time around, I’m extremely excited about it!


Because it’s totally working girl appropriate!

I didn’t even realize how hungry I was for a polished collection from Target until I started skimming through this. Not that previous collections weren’t great, because they were – it’s just they all leaned on the very youthful side of things. Perfect clothes for a night out or to wear on the weekends (or roaming the halls of your high school), but not quite 9-5 approved.

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My Epic August Fall Makeup Haul

August Beauty Haul

Browsing in the middle of the night is a very dangerous thing. Especially when you’ve spent the bulk of the summer wearing little to no makeup and are just itching to get into fall beauty products! Low and behold, I fell in love at first sight with the Smashbox Cherry Smoke Eye Shadow Palette. It just happens that my daily and nightly moisturizers are limping by on their last legs, so I took the opportunity as a sign from the gods to take a trip to Sephora.

But the buggers didn’t have it! *gasp*

Oh the nerve of Sephora to only have it available online at this time. I was crushed! Heartbroken! Distraught! Obviously I had no other option than to drown my sadness by perusing items that they actually did have in-stock. AKA: the Givenchy counter.

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