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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer 2014 Music Playlist

Summertime is the perfect time of year for music. Not only are there festivals galore, but it's prime time to drive around with the wind in your hair. I thought I'd do something a bit different today and share with you the music I can't stop listening to this summer. It's definitely an interesting mix - but yea, I've always been an odd duck when it comes to music. Basically, I like a bit of everything. *Except country, NO NO to any country!*

There's also a mix between new and old. About a month ago I was out with friends and we started playing a bunch of nineties music at random. I forgot how much I loved Nirvana, Bush, The Smashing Pumpkins etc. back in the day. But, while their cds have been collecting dust all boxed up in the basement, I've moved on to other things. No more, I snatched up the mp3 albums of many of my classic favorites and they've been in heavy rotation since, especially whilst driving and working out. The Smashing Pumpkin's 1979 has been on play around the clock. It's literally the ideal song for driving in the summertime.

Ellie Goulding and Florence + the Machine remain the ultimate poolside music. This year I've also added Ms Mr to the mix. I totally forgot I had their mp3 album till I browsed passed it at random and now, I cannot stop listening! I've also recently discovered how great Christina Aguilera's Lotus album is for a day by the pool. To me, the ideal summer afternoon is lounging by the pool with magazines and music. What could possibly be better?

When I have to buckle down and work though, music does keep me going. While working/blogging I like something that's upbeat but not overpowering. This summer I've really been enjoying The Fray's latest album. It's a bit edgier for them and really good. Kodaline is obviously a highlight for many right now but I've also recently discovered a love for the Cary Brothers. I only vaguely knew of them but am now a solid fan. They're a blend of the Lumineers and Kodaline combined. And of course, The Afters; who have the most upbeat summery music ever! I always forget about them until summer rolls around and I bust them back out. I literally don't think I can frown while listening to them!

Last but not least, Arctic Monkeys have been big in all areas of life. Driving, by the pool, working out or just working...I bop to them basically nonstop. (I seriously didn't plan for that to rhyme.) So, soooo good!

I'm going to shut up now before I literally ramble about music for days. There's definitely an infinite number of favorites at any given time, but these are the greatest hits of my summer 2014! I hope you're having as much fun listening to music this summer as I am!

What's topping your playlist this summer?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Yay or Nay: CoverGirl BB Cream Review

Today we're talking CoverGirl BB Cream, and is this product good or is this product bad? 

I'm just going to cut to the chase and say this product is not just bad, it's maybe the worst thing I've ever tried from the drugstore. A lofty yet extremely valid statement! 

Here's the deal. I'm not a fan of CoverGirl in general, but I was really trying to give them another chance when I picked this up. Usually I just blow right past them in the drugstore onto L'Oreal, Revlon etc. but I thought, 'Hey! Perhaps I'm missing out on some great stuff?' With it being summer I wasn't in the mood to pick up a foundation but I remember having heard decent things about this tinted moisturizer (which they've rebranded as a BB cream even though I'd argue it's definitely not a BB cream!)

Let's break it down.

Moisturizing: Fail. This is extremely watery and basically not moisturizing at all. 

Coverage: Non-existent. You put this on and you literally see zero difference! 

Overall: What is the point of this product? It does absolutely nothing. How in the world anyone has managed to say anything positive about this is beyond me. Okay, maybe my expectations are a bit high. After all, my preferred tinted moisturizers and BB creams hail from Laura Mercier and Dr. Jart. But regardless of that I have GOT to believe there's something much better hanging out at Walgreens and CVS than this guy.

Nay: Pass on this guys. Blow right past it and onto something else ;)

SO that's that. It's Monday, so I wish everyone a great and productive week! And please let me know if you've hunted around the drugstore for a BB cream. Are there any I should try?

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Booktubeathon Day 6 Update #fail

Last we spoke, it was Day 4 of the Booktubeathon Readathon and I hadn't done any reading. Since, I'm very guilty of perpetuating that scenario to the point where it's now the close of Day 6 and I've sadly made very little progress. It's like, I started out so strong...and then it all went to hell. Woopsies!

Let's just go with I've been very busy and productive this week! Yesterday, Day 5, I literally had zero opportunity to get any reading done and then today, Saturday, I spent most of the day feeling too burnt out to want to read. Between work, blogging, reading, life...I just needed to let my brain mellow out. Naturally that involved catching up on the Real Housewives of New York and Orange County and rewatching The Host on Netflix. You know, obviously! (With ice cream off course.)

BUT, after much debate over what to read next...I did manage to start Panic by Lauren Oliver. I don't know much about this book outside of there are Panic Games (kind of like the Hunger Games but not a dystopian?). But, Lauren Oliver writes so beautifully that I'm sure I'll be swept up in the story. So far, I'm only about 40 pages into it. Not great, but at least that's a start. I honestly wish I could stay awake longer to read more because I am enjoying it, but my eyes are drooping and tired.  Oh the struggle!

So here's my game plan for Sunday, the final day of Booktubeathon! I'm determined to finish Panic and then start & finish one other book. I've come to terms that there's just no way I can quickly read through Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies so I'm just kicking them off my off my TBR list for this week. No, I won't meet all of the challenges but if I can finish up Booktubeathon having read 5 books I'll be happy. It has been a very busy week and managing to read 5 books on top of everything else is a huge huge accomplishment!

I'm off to sleep now to get lots of a rest for a big day of reading ahead. Wish me luck!

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