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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mad Men Fashion : Time Zones (Episode 7x01)

mad men fashion, mad men style, 1960s fashion

As promised, I won't let Mad Men slip away without giving it a proper send off! And by proper send off, I mean: savoring each final fashion moment in a weekly post. From now through the show's end you can expect routine fashion reviews! On Wednesdays, I will review the fashion of Sunday night's episode. Hopefully this will give those of you watching the final season time to catch the episode. These posts will really be about the fashion and not the drama. I hope they remain spoiler free...but, as they are screencaps of the show itself, you never know what could happen! It is Mad Men after all ;)

Period wise, the show has hit the mid-1960s, which is the height of psychadelic-flower-power-mania! Which means (I HOPE) that we're in for some awesomely-loud prints this season. (I'm looking at you Megan!)

As far as Sunday's premiere Time Zones goes, there are two standout fashion moments and one you may not expect. The first comes in the form of a hat. And the other, comes in the form of a Peter Campbell. Yes. Peter Campbell is now making fashion statements. Who knew he had it in him?! Enjoy! ;)

Alas, whenever I'm stressed this week, I just think of Pete in his preppy sweater and pants with glee. It's basically impossible to remain in a sour mood with LA-Peter hanging around in your imagination.

See you here next week, same time same place, for a look at the next episode. In the meantime, catch up on last week's posts on Betty, Joan, and Peggy's biggest style moments.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

At Last, Kate Moss for Topshop Spring/Summer 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop has kept fashion lovers everywhere on the edge of their seats with anticipation for months. But soon, her second collection will finally debut and honestly, it's kind of genius. Of all the celebrity lines out there, it's easy to pass over these collections - but I urge you to halt and take a look at this by Kate Moss because Kate gets fashion - way more than the Kardashians, or any other celeb slapping their name on a line.

Her effortlessly cool style of dressing that blends Boho with rocker edge is fused with perfection. It's a line for the cool girl to live her life in - from Coachella and music festivals to cocktail hour. There's articles to keep your style primed no matter what the situation, even in pajamas.

kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop
kate moss for topshop, spring 2014, topshop, lookbook

In the lookbook we see Kate tossing around in supreme lighting, showcasing not just the lines of the clothes but the movement they possess. Fringe is definitely a statement look of the collection, following suit with the Altuzarra and Rodartes of the world. Spring 2014 celebrates fringe and Kate injects into evening wear and day wear with her own cool little spin.

I love the embellishment of these clothes. Everything is pushed to the maximum, with finite attention to detail. Glitzy fringe 20s cocktail dresses and cropped jackets decorate the collection, alongside sparkling bead-work on evening jackets.

kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop, spring 2014
kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop

There are so many great looks that I'm ready to get my hands on when the collection goes on sale April 30th. While I covet basically everything from this collection, my top items to lust over are as follows:

kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop

kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop
kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop
kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop
kate moss for topshop, kate moss, topshop
So are you also counting down the days to April 30th, to pick this up from Topshop or Nordstrom? Let me know what your favorite pieces are. 

View more of the lookbook and the full collection here.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Hit List : Links of Love

It's finally the weekend once again, and I'm so thrilled by the sunshine and the warm temperatures that I could burst! Can we just take a second to appreciate how glorious it is to come home from work with it still being light out? Oh, and also taking long walks/doing yoga, cooking dinner, etc. and it's still light outside? Don't get me wrong, as a night owl by nature I appreciate the night. But nothing lifts me up quite like the sunshine!

Speaking of, as I'm scarily albino I'm on the hunt for self-tanner recommendations, if you have any. Usually on Dream in Lace I tell you about the things I've used and am trying out - but in the case of self-tanners, I'm a true novice! Help me please!

SO Mad Men was the name of the game here this week, and I'm happy (or sorry?) to say that it will continue to be that way until the end of the final season. I love the show Reign and have considered doing fashion reviews of each episode (which I still may, just not right now) but doing so for Mad Men sounds to perfectly right to me. Oh perfect, beautiful show is leaving and I'm devastated! *sniff* If you're planning to watch the premiere tomorrow, be sure to follow me on twitter where I'll be tweeting away!

And as always, it wouldn't be the Hit List without links I was loving this week. Feel free to drop links in the comment box that you were loving too. Sharing is caring!

The topic of bridesmaid is a touchy subject for women everywhere, so to see a woman boldly declare that she will not be your bridesmaid and outline her reasoning is a bit of shock. A brave, awesome shock. She articulates the pain of being a bridesmaid perfectly!

There are two ladies whose style I just couldn't get enough of this week, and the first gal is Miss Emma Stone. I feel like it's been ages since we've seen Emma and oh how refreshing it is to have her back! Not only is she completely adorable, her style blows me away. Viva la Emma!

The second lady whose style I couldn't get enough of this week is Kate Middleton, who is just killing it on her latest royal tour. I mean, good grief could she and that little family be more picturesque? I think not. The royal family hasn't much interested  in a while...and suddenly it's like I can't get enough! Princess Diana's fashion is on exhibit here at a local museum and I think I'm gonna just have to go! #obsessed

Okay, a bit of an odd one to include - but as it is spring cleaning and I have been spring cleaning nearly every night, I thought it was best to leave no stone left unturned, including my yoga mat! 

I really think there's no site more brilliant than Man Repeller. It's just so witty and spot on perfect. I heard this rumor on the Today show, that France was trying to pass legislation that would cut you off from work in your downtime - and I flat out laughed. As an American, the whole concept is completely ridiculous - and obviously Man Repeller agrees. French culture, while glorious, is extremely different than the fast-paced American society I live in. I have to find myself wondering though, do the French really just not want to work? What with their long lunches and vacation time, etc...I mean, are American's work-driven where the French are rest-driven?

(My philosophy: love you're work so it truly doesn't feel like work and you won't want to cut yourself off from it.)

And as it is Mad Men Fashion Week here at Dream in Lace, enjoy this Video of the Week which details Peggy Olson's rise through the glass ceiling to from secretary to executive.

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