LFW : Burberry Dumps the Trench for Spring 2015 Collection

Burberry Spring 2015 RTW Collection at London Fashion Week

Something a bit shocking happened at the Burberry Spring 2015 Collection shown at London Fashion Week, the trench took a backseat to the denim jacket. It’s that 90’s trend that just keeps on kicking, and apparently pairs well with everything, at least according to Burberry who had a wide color palette.

It was a collection of tulle and denim, with gorgeous water colors cascading down the runway. The already iconic custom Met Gala gown worn by Suki Waterhouse shines through as the blueprint to some really soft and whispy silhouettes. And of course, Waterhouse herself was the star of the show. (Sort of a bit of a shock to see no Cara DeLevingne in sight.)

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LFW : 5 Best and 5 Worst Looks of Peter Pilotto Spring 2015

Today was a MASSIVE day at London Fashion Week, and in the interest of getting straight to the point – I thought I’d do something different for Peter Pilotto Spring 2015 RTW Collection. When it comes to heavy prints, sometimes to me it really works, and other times things are a bit off. It’s definitely a very precise art to nail a print, and Pilotto may be the biggest master of all time. That said, the runway did contain a few looks that were a bit ‘wonky’, shall I say? (Wonky!)

Where there was wonky though, there was also brilliant!

And so, I’ve whittled down the collection to a Top 5 Best and Top 5 Worst Looks of Peter Pilotto Spring 2015. Let’s get started – because there is Tom Ford to come. (Deep breaths!)

Top 5 Best Looks of Peter Pilotto Spring 2015 RTW Collection at London Fashion Week


I like to think if we ever make it to the year 4500, people will be walking around wearing Peter Pilotto designs. More specifically I envision the far left look to be the standard everyday look. Basically like, in loo of khakis and jeans people will be wearing metallic, psychedelic space suits. I love the blend of easy breezy with rather form-fitting and structured frocks. In true Pilotto fashion everything is loud, but also very controlled. I think that’s what makes his designs work or not work, the control factor. Is the look reigned in? If yes, we’ve got a winner!!

If it’s NOT reigned in, well, then you have this:

Top 5 Worst Looks of Peter Pilotto Spring 2015 RTW Collection at London Fashion Week


Yea, these are a bit all over the place. I do find it absolutely hilarious that one beautiful model has to walk around wearing a neon menorah emblazoned on her chest. It’s nice to know in the land of raves and psychedelic activity, all faiths are recognized. Freedom of religion y’all!

In general, these all miss the mark because of how thrown together they are. Particularly the center look seems really off to me. At first I thought, oh, it’s just the length. If it was a bit shorter I would like it! But then I sat down my glass of Cabernet for a closer look, where I realized the skirt is may be the most hideous print I have ever seen. It looks like supremely depressing Christmas wrapping paper. And who wants that?

But major kudos to the sandals! I honestly have never much paid attention to the footwear of a Peter Pilotto show (obviously distracted by the loud prints happening), but now that I have I will make a point to. They are super fun! I actually think they would look great in the colder months paired with some super opaque black tights. Sandals for every season!

I’m off to chat more about other collections, but if you want to check out the full Peter Pilotto SS15 Collection, click here!

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Product Review : Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Review

Let’s take a break from all the Fashion Month Madness to talk about something essential: Lipstick.

And recently, I’ve sort of rediscovered a love of Rimmel lipsticks – more specifically the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks. These come in a beautiful range of colors, from vivid brights to soft neutrals. No matter what your complexion, there’s something for you. I promise!

Recently I went on a bit of a hunt for the In Love with Ginger lipstick, that I learned about from another beauty blogger who I shamefully can’t remember at the time. I keep a running list in my iPhone of all the beauty products I want to try and it worked its way to the VERY TOP! Low and behold, when I searched high and low at my local Ulta it was not stocked. In fact, that Ulta in particular seems to be discontinuing them? For whatever reason they were on brilliant Clearance and so obviously I snatched up to shades they did have on hand: Coral Garden and To Nude of Not To Nude, ideal shades for fall.

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LFW : Your London Fashion Week Cheat Sheet

London Fashion Week Cheat Sheet

Did you have an awesome, fantastic and amazing weekend? Are you already weeping over the thought of your alarm clock in the morning? Good, me too!!

If you were far too busy over the weekend to keep up with the London Fashion Week runways, I’ve got you covered. I myself am I bit boggled down and just don’t have time to whip up reviews for everything. Plus, I do like this format. It’s less babbling from me – more fashion for you. Winners all around!

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Reading : The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison

The Silent Wife book review


The Silent Wife  is one of those books I pre-ordered and much anticipated, only to never actually get around to finishing the darn thing. That is, until a week or so ago. It was one of the books on my summer reading list that I really wanted to buckle down and finish. And honestly, it was an unexpected surprise. The comparisons of this to Gone Girl are completely superficial, so if you’re looking to pick up a fast-paced thriller I wouldn’t suggest as this as my number 1 choice.

If you ARE looking to pick up something with a whole lot of psychological intrigue, however – this would be the one.

For those not familiar with this book, I’ll summarize it to say it’s about a failing marriage and the hidden truths behind our actions. The main characters are Jodi and Todd, who live a rather posh lifestyle in Chicago where everything should be perfect. And I say should, because they have all the ingredients for a happy marriage, but yet some fault of character steps in that drives a wedge between them.

I found this story quite riveting. Not in the traditional plot twist thriller way, but in the revelation of these characters through the book. The characters are quite flawed, which personally I like. You also feel you can’t always rely on them – especially when it comes to them doing the right thing. Another thing that was a bit of fun is how swap sides through the story. At various points you’ll be Team Todd and at other points Team Jodi. In the end, you know that there is no victim between them, with both equally as guilty for their fate.


Grade: A-

Like I said, I really did enjoy The Silent Wife. It got to the point where I couldn’t put the book down just because I was so wrapped up in these characters. It’s definitely a mind-bending story and I was crushed to learn that the author has sadly passed away, losing the battle with cancer. Her writing is entrancing and I would have loved to read more of her work.

Now that the weather is turning cool, I think it’s prime time to get into the habit of curling up inside with a good book. Definitely add The Silent Wife to your fall reading list. I guarantee you will love it. Plus, it has been picked up to be a film – with Nicole Kidman set to play the lead. It’s always fun to read the book before seeing the movie, right? ;)

Happy reading loves!

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LFW : Topshop Unique Spring 2015 Collection

Topshop Unique Spring 2015 RTW at London Fashion Week

Let’s all take a moment to think how great it would be to walk down the runway with Cara DeLevingne. I mean, she is maybe the ultimate it girl of the moment right. Beautiful and endearing, with quirky and silly sense of humor. Put her in any look and I’m bound to love. Put her in Topshop and I’m bound to REALLY love it.

What’s great about designs like Topshop walking the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is it puts accessible fashion along side the high high fashion intended for the elusive top 1% of the world. It’s practical, while still being a lot of fun – both to wear and to look at!

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LFW : Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Spring 2015

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Spring 2015 RTW at London Fashion Week

While sipping on peppermint tea and divulging in greasy pizza, I knew I had to take a break to talk about the latest Preen Spring 2015 Collection, by Thornton Bregazzi at London Fashion Week. I mean, sometimes even greasy pizza has to be put on hold when clothes are so crisp, energetic and fun such as those presented on Sunday’s runway. And in still photography, it’s hard to imagine the movement of these clothes – but trust me when I say, on the live-show they moved beautifully!

We’ve seen sportswear all over the Spring runways, but Bregazzi’s version of a floral flowing dress, accented with athletic hemlines somehow kicks things to another level. It’s like when Prada introduced bejeweled athletic socks last season. That perfect integration of sporty into downright feminine.

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LFW : Marchesa Spring 2015 Collection


When Marchesa was announced to no longer be showing at New York Fashion Week, I wasn’t exactly crying any tears over the news. I did, however, feel a bit bad for London Fashion Week as the new host of their over-the-top designs that continue to the toe the line of girlie v. actually intended for the little girls. You never see me posting negative reviews because for the most part – I LOVE high fashion. If a collection doesn’t particularly wow me I just let it go. But Marchesa continues to dumbfound me because for whatever reason, they’ve literally got girls everywhere thinking what they ship down the runway is chic.

To which I say, Huh?

I actually watched the live-feed of this show while simmering soup in the kitchen. The feed didn’t name the designer – but after the first look came down the runway I immediately knew who we were dealing with: Marchesa. Allow me to present Look 1 (far left):

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NYFW : 10 Best Spring 2015 Looks of New York Fashion Week

10 Best Spring 2015 Looks of New York Fashion Week

Happy Friday Dreamers! Can you even believe that New York Fashion Week has already come and gone? It’s always those things you look forward to most that pass in a flash. Watching the Marc Jacobs live-show last night felt literally depressing (as it always does). I mean, yea, then I remind myself to chin up because Milan (my favorite) and Paris Fashion Week are also lingering just around the corner. But, I suppose as an American, NYFW holds a very very special place in my heart.

When it comes to ‘Best’ looks from the runways, it’s seriously hard to get down to just 10. Overall, I was really blown away by how much everyone really BROUGHT it for Spring 2015. Probably my two overall favorite collections were BCBG Max Azria (here) and Tommy Hilfiger (here), which oddly enough are both not on this list. NOT because they weren’t fantastic, because they were. They were fantastic as a whole. The looks on this list are more standout pieces on their own.

I thought to celebrate such a fantastic week, a Top 10 List was in order. Let me know if this is something you think I should do for London, Milan and Paris too. And, should I do a Worst list? Because oh hunnies, I have one! ;)

Anyway, click your way through my picks for 10 Best Spring 2015 Looks of New York Fashion Week!

So that is a wrap on New York Fashion Week, for now…I mean, February will be here before we know it right? That is, if we don’t die of hypothermia and frostbite this winter before the Fall 2015 runways are open for business. But the Fashion Month train will keep on moving! London Fashion Week kicks off today – with Sunday and Monday being the biggest and most exciting (at least in my book).

Do let me know if there are any collections in particular you’d like to see from LFW. And, if you’ve missed any of the NYFW coverage (or if you want to know where to find LFW coverage), bookmark the Fashion Week Directory!

On that note – everyone have a fantastic and stylish weekend!

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NYFW : Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 Collection

Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 RTW at New York Fashion Week

When you think about quintessential American fashion – Ralph Lauren is one of the first names that comes to mind, always. They’re classic and never really go out of style. It’s a bit of an American tradition really, and so when they take the stage on the closing day of New York Fashion Week each season, as an American I feel it’s my civic duty to play really close attention. And this season, RL made it SUPER easy to pay close attention – what with their fabulous gemstones decorating necklines from start to finish, bright colors that pop and the subtle classics we know and love, with a militant influence.

From start to finish, I was hooked (line and sinkered).

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